Gold Baby Biscuits, est. 2019

We’re both from the cornfields of the Midwest, and we lived in Chicago until we simply couldn’t stand the ruckus anymore. Once we landed in Traverse City in early 2018, we missed so many restaurants, and biscuits were one of the things we kept coming back to in our conversations. And, well, the next thing you know, we found this perfect little storefront in Suttons Bay, and all of a sudden we were opening a biscuit shop for our new community. So here we are!

We’re committed to lots of things, but what we really want you to know is that we care a whole lot about keeping our business as connected to the local community as much as we can, maintaining the lightest footprint possible, serving food that is simultaneously delicious, approachable, affordable, and clean, and preparing it all from scratch in our wildly tiny kitchen. We think this northern paradise is way better with biscuits (and biscuit sandwiches, and biscuits & gravy, and good sweet things), and we hope you do, too. We can’t wait to meet you.

Lyndsey + Alicia